About us

What is KCA


“KCA through its first 5 years has accelerated translational cancer research in the field of childhood cancer across NSW and Australia  in a way no other research body has been able to achieve”

Professor Glenn Marshall AM, KCA Director

KCA a hospital research division, two medical research institutes and three child cancer clinical care centres in New South Wales.  Refer to Our partners and affiliates for further details.

The Kids Cancer Alliance is a Translational Cancer Research Centre supported by the Cancer Institute NSW.

The Kids Cancer Alliance brings together leading doctors and scientists working in child cancer medicine and research across NSW to improve the care of children with cancer. KCA is the ultimate example of ‘bench-to-bedside’ medicine, taking new discoveries from development in the laboratory, translated all the way through to their application in the clinic.

KCA is strongly supported by the University of Sydney and UNSW Sydney and is one of only a small number of research entities that sits across the two universities.

KCA has consistently scored at the highest level by Cancer Institute NSW annual evaluations for its innovation and high levels of impact on outcomes of children with cancer. Funding was renewed as part of the Cancer Institute Translational Cancer Research Centre Program in 2016 and KCA now comprises 230 active members.