About Us

Our Vision and Goals

Our Vision is to bring doctors and scientists closer together to accelerate discovery and its application to improve the care of, and outcomes for, children with cancer.

Our Goals are:

  1. To drive collaboration between doctors and scientists researching and treating child care problems
  2. To take clinical problems in child cancer care and turn them in to answerable research questions
  3. To improve the translation of current best evidence in to clinical care
  4. To develop new diagnostic and prognostic tests, therapies and interventions, and translate these into improved patient care
  5. To implement the results of our research in to clinical practice
  6. To educate and train future translational child cancer researchers
  7. To play a national role in child cancer research, care and education

KCA encompasses a hospital research division, two medical research institutes and three clinical care centres in the state of New South Wales with the support of two major universities. Refer to Our partners and affiliates for further details.