Dr Caroline Atkinson’s 2019 KCA Travel Grant Report

Thank you for the opportunity to present my work “Re-evaluating the role of P-glycoprotein in the resistance of high-risk neuroblastoma to standard-of-care chemotherapies” at the American Association of Cancer Research Annual meeting March 29 – April 3. This meeting not only provided me with the opportunity to share my research with a very large audience but was of incredible educational value.
The 5-day meeting consisted of educational sessions, lectures and poster sessions from researchers and clinicians as well as exhibits from companies around the world. During the first 2 days, I attended education sessions in molecular pathology, biomarkers, precision medicine and chemotherapeutic resistance. Chemotherapeutic resistance in cancer is of high interest to me, so in the following days I attended many seminars in this field. These sessions ranged from the application of clinical strategies to combat resistance by applying adaptive treatment regimes, to new molecular mechanisms of resistance being discovered. I also had the opportunity to attend poster sessions, speaking to numerous early career researchers who were also looking at the role of P-gp and other ABC transporters in adult cancers such as breast and gastric cancer.
My poster session was on the final day of the conference. For 4 hours I discussed my research with numerous scientists from around the world. This mostly consisted of researchers who were currently working on P-gp or had worked on P-gp in the past, or researchers who were working on neuroblastoma. I received exceedingly positive feedback on the project design, and several suggestions on where reviewers may raise questions. These suggestions were considered and have become part of discussion in our paper. Upon returning to CCI, this work was presented at the Institute Monday workshop and at team meetings.